The Road is Open

Life is full of adventure, longing, and unexpected thrills. As we travel this long road, we look forward to a better day when the happy endings will be made real. Are we there yet?

When the Rocks Cry Out (John 8:1-11)

When the Rocks Cry Out (John 8:1-11)

Reflections on John 8:1-11

Will the dark forever shroud my guilt?

How long can it blot the sun?

Night is the dungeon I’ve built,

Hiding me from the Holy One.

Let my chains hold me fast,

for in the day I could never last.


Shadows will not always hide my face.

In the light all is seen clear.

I am shown a man fallen from grace,

Deserving each damning sneer.

Even the rocks cry out,

Judgment against me they shout.


The lust for my blood is hot.

Who will cast the first stone?

By whose hand is my death wrought

As justice is shown?

He who knows no sin,

Let him the sentence begin.


This man is holy and true.

God is his first love.

The law he has kept all through,

Honoring the Lord above.

His is the stone to cast.

He is the judge of my sullied past.


Yet he stands in my stead,

Receiving the stone.

Here by love he was led,

And to me his mercy shown.

Even the rocks cry out,

Christ’s love for me they shout.


Footsteps—putting feet on our faith

1.     Why are our sins so hard to defeat?

2.     How does it feel when our wrongdoings are exposed?

3.     What is the role of God’s grace in these times?


Dear God, I have broken your law and failed to honor you as you deserve. My life has gone its own way and wandered down dangerous paths. Though I try to hide my face, you are still there. You aren’t leveling judgment against me, for Christ bore that in my place. Now all I know is your mercy. Let it wash over me like many rushing waters. By Christ, amen.

How to See God (Isaiah 7:10-14)

How to See God (Isaiah 7:10-14)

Skydiving Sheep (Psalm 23)

Skydiving Sheep (Psalm 23)